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Welcome to Gwatney Performance Innovation!

We are a unique company offering performance upgrades and custom tuning for a wide variety of modern and vintage performance vehicles. We handle everything from custom ground cams to LS swaps - and utilize our own in-house DYNO to bring every single parameter of your car to peak performance,

Corvettes, Camaros, Mustangs to Ferraris - we literally work on them all, even though we are based out of a Chevrolet dealership (Gwatney Chevrolet) in Jacksonville, Arkansas. We are on the cutting edge with our custom ground camshafts - and we have literally one of the best on-staff tuners in the nation.

If horsepower, performance and streetable reliabilty are your goals - look no further than Gwatney Performance Innovation. Contact us to schedule a consultation with us today.

ATTENTION - We are now shipping our custom LS3 Heads! - click here for more info!

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Gwatney Performance Innovation